Saturday, August 9, 2014

Iron Man: Rise of Technovore Review

Iron Man: Rise of Technovore 


Long, long ago there was a time where anime and western cartoons never dared to mix with each other.  Iron Man: Rise of Technovore is the result of  screenwriter Brandon Aumas, while in Japan, getting a call from Marvel to participate in a special project.

iron man
Ezekiel Stane is the villain in this anime/marvel hybrid.

The story relies on on the watcher's knowledge of the Marvel universe (particularly Avengers and of course Iron Man).  Characters like Black Widow, Hawk Eye, and Tony Stark's wife is in this movie.  For anyone who is not a fan of Iron Man or Marvel lore, then this movie is not for you and is easily skippable.  In fact, I forgot I saw the movie a two hours after watching it.  

Iron Man's satellite is under attack by a strange alien like being  who desires to get revenge on Iron Man.  That being is called Ezikeo Stane who appears to want revenge for the death of  his father.  Ezikeo uses a strange suit similar to Iron Man but the suit is organic and is thus too advanced for Iron Man to figure out at first.  Tony Stark must find information on and the whereabouts of Ezikeo Stane in order to stop his planes; while being chased by Black Widow and Hawk Eye.

iron man2

This non campion adventure reads like another day in the life of Tony Stark.    Characters sprout exposition in order to explain information or Ezikeo sits in a white room spewing hazy dialogue. There's no sense of danger, nobody important dies and I could see everything that was going to happen coming a mile away.  This movie is another day of Tony Stark.

Expecting this, I was hoping to shut my brain off and just enjoy the film much like I watched the Avengers, but I hardly felt any enjoyment in the movie.  Anime and Marvel fans should stay away from this movie unless being a masochist is your thing.

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