Monday, October 21, 2013

First Impressions: BlazBlue Alter Memories


BlazBlue is an anime fighting game developed by Arc System Works.  A fighting game developed by a company that didn't just want to make a good fighting game but also a fighting game with a decent story.  Thanks to the well received sci-fi anime story of BlazBlue, the fighting game attracted a ton of attention from anime fans.  One would think that a fighting game story that made sure to give the players a decent amount of time with each character, explain why the player should care about the characters they play, and give the player a satisfying conclusion to to each character's story would be awesome?

Unfortunately the anime plays like someone recorded the game's story mode, cut out a lot of parts, and threw parts of the story out of order.  The anime spends no time explaining who the characters are, what are the characters' motivations, and why the viewer should care about these characters.  If I did not play BlazBlue's story mode, I have a very good feeling that I would be lost.

I'll Explain the Story Since the Anime Does Not Want to...

Set far off in the future when a majority of the world has been destroyed and only a small portion of humanity is left.  Ragna the Bloodedge has the biggest bounty placed on him by the NOL (the government of the small world) after  destroying one of their branches.  With a powerful Ars Magus (magic technology) in his mechanical arm known as the "Azure Grimoire", fighters come from all over the place to fight him for his Azure Grimoire and his bounty.  Unknown to Ragna and a majority of the cast, the same events that resulted in destruction of the now small world keeps repeating itself.  

Just maybe I'm judging this anime too soon.  Maybe the anime creators might explain the characters' motives or SLOW down the paste that the anime is going with.  I hope the animation gets better because the video game's cut scenes were better than this:


 BlazBlue Story Mode Anime Cut scene

This has just been a first impressions.  I will give a full review after a few more episodes are released.  BlazBlue Alter Memories will only have twelve episodes and one episode is released each week.    Watch the episodes here.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sorry Guys

Sorry Guys

Sorry for the long absence.  The last post was about Drakengard 3 and Drakengard manga  (which is actually coming to North America next year).  Nine to six, Monday through Friday, plus stupid and random crap happening is keeping me busy now.

I will not be quitting this website anytime soon; prepare for two to three posts per month at minimum.
Despite my busy time, I still love looking at video games and Beyond Two Souls is a game that I can't wait to play.

It looks like Quadratic Dreams has made another thrill ride for me and others who loved Heavy Rain.  Beyond Two Souls is already out and I hope that everyone who is playing right now is having a blast.   I need to obtain my first paycheck before finally getting my hands on what looks like an unforgettable experience.

I am going to be using a new rule for reviewing anime now.  In the beginning I was watching a whole anime series before reviewing the anime.  Knowing how long some anime can be, I am deciding to watch up to five episodes of an anime before giving a review.

With that said, I am looking at Michiko to Hatchin.  Look forward to a review on that anime soon.