Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Space Dandy Review by Anime and Video Games

What to say about Space Dandy?  For the most part, Space Dandy is about a dandy guy in space names Dandy, an alien cat named "Meow", and Dandy's robot named QT.  Dandy is an alien hunter, constantly going from planet to planet, searching for rare aliens and turning them into the Space Registration Center.   When Dandy's not alien hunting, he is spending his time at the Hooters like restaurant, Boobies (probably the main reason why he's always broke).


Space Dandy was the first anime to appear on American TV before premiering on Japanese television in January 2014.  Watching Space Dandy, I'm reminded of the randomness and inconsistencies of a majority of American cartoons.  There is no on going storyline in Space Dandy.  Antagonists like Dr. Gel and Admiral Perry are after Dandy, believing the guy is the key to the future of the universe.  They pursue Dandy constantly but Dandy never finds this out throughout the series.

Space Dandy is an anime where the watcher can shut their brain off and have fun.  Some episodes end with Dandy, Meow, or QT dieing at the end of an episode or stranded on another planet.  The next episode starts and all three of the characters are perfectly fine and have no memory of what happened last episode.  Dr. Gel has a gagged statue of Liberty on the front of his ship for Heaven's sake.  
Boobies is probably the reason Dandy is broke
Despite the lack of story, the artwork is impressive and Space Dandy does a great job of making fun of anime tropes like fanservice and the special protagonist.  Space Dandy's art is impressive and can not be mistaken for another anime's artwork. Viewers will love seeing the themed planets like the underwear planet and plant planet.   

Space Dandy is currently still airing on Adult Swim and is available on Amazon's Instant video and as a Japanese box set with English subtitles.  There is currently a manga out at the moment.  For those that watch Space Dandy will get a good laugh, others who miss out won't miss much.